Urban Regeneration

Shengwei Xue
Group Vice President
CAPOL, Shenzhen

In 35 years, Shenzhen became a metropolis with 17 million people from a small fishing village. The built-up area has grown by 300 times and GDP has grown by 5000 times. It was a record in the history of urban development which was difficult to surpass. Rapid expansion of the city brought the problems of intense time, land, facilities, resources, population migration and aggregation, which all need to be faced in the future urban development. Large-scale urban renewal happened in many today's Chinese cities. We ourselves are not only witnesses, but also promoters. In the past years of the old practice of change, our designers have completed one after another of the numerous and complex city proposition. The process of growth trajectories and accumulated experience are reflected in many sites which either have been built successively or is being constructed. In this presentation, Shengwei Xue discussed the thinking and the exploration of the urban renewal combing the years of the old change practicing projects.

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