Carbon-fiber Hoisting Technology Pushes High-Rise Buildings Even Higher

Jeffrey Montgomery
Director, Major Projects, Asia-Pacific
KONE, Singapore

As cities around the world rise higher to accommodate booming urban populations, new technologies are helping overcome the limitations on building upwards. The travel height of elevators hoisted by traditional steel ropes is restricted by the weight of the steel, which can account for up to three quarters of the energy needed to move the elevator. In very tall buildings, reaching the top floor may require several transfer floors, numerous sky lobbies that take up valuable floor space, and complex elevator groupings. With the introduction of superlight, strong, and durable carbon-fiber rope technology, the potential height of future buildings has doubled, opening up a world of possibilities in high-rise building design. Carbon-fiber rope can also be retrofitted to elevator systems in existing buildings in order to cut energy consumption and increase value over the building’s lifecycle. Innovations like this take us closer to a more eco-friendly vertical urban future.

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