Comprehensive MEP Construction Technology in High-rise Buildings

Baosheng Jiang
General Manager
MEP Company of the Second Construction Co., Ltd of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Wuhan

This presentation covered the four aspects of comprehensive MEP construction technology in high-rise buildings. These include:
(i) Intelligent system design in high-rise buildings, including the introduction of the company, the introduction of project implementation, and the characteristic analysis of MEP engineering and
(ii) Problem analysis of MEP construction in high-rise buildings;
(iii) Typical workmanship of MEP construction in high -rise buildings, including MEP tube construction - installation in reverse order, super high-rise MEP equipment hoisting technology, VAV air conditioning system construction control technology, factory pre-processing technology, BIM-based measuring robot technology, underground integrated pipeline construction technology and refrigeration room construction technology;
(iv) Public source management in high-rise building, including making the plan of equipment and materials, a comoponent transportation and hoisting, vertical transportation management, advance planning for all equipment on transport routes, unified field level planning, uniform transport tools, unified tailored pipeline for installation platform, and a unified three-level box cover.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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