Green Construction by BIM Technology

Zhengkai Huang
Executive General Manager
MEP Company of the Second Construction Co., Ltd of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau,

This presentation covered eight aspects of green construction via BIM technology:
(i) General status of BIM operation;
(ii) General operation;
(iii) Integrity of BIM technology and advanced facilities, including Total Station instruments, scanners, CNC machine tools, intersecting line cutting machines, automatic welding and other portable prefabricated pipeline equipment;
(iv) Precast technology based on BIM, including refrigeration rooms and air conditioning rooms;
(v) Fully precast technology based on BIM for high-rise buildings;
(vi) BIM-based top-down construction method for a machinery room
(vii) Simulation techniques in BIM trial test;
(viii) Operational systems based on BIM.

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