Connectivity in Future Density Indonesia Archipelago

Tiyok Prasetyoadi CTBUH Leader
Managing Director
PDW Architects, Jakarta

The presentation discussed the development of Indonesia metropolitan cities. According to national census of 2010 there were 11 cities in Indonesia with population over 1 million which easily became 15 cities in 2016 with the current growth rate. Out of the 11 cities, 8 are located in Java, a heavily populated island with an area of 126,700 square kilometers (approximately more than half the size of Great Britain) with more than 160 million populations.

The presentation proposed the potential growth as equally enormous in other large islands, with different economic activities and hubs. The presentation discussed regional planning for growth hubs across the archipelago. The growth of each metropolitan city and its characteristics was also discussed as a case study. Considering how cities can accommodate future growth with higher density and how cities in Indonesia tend to sprawl rather than grow vertically, the presentation proposed a simulation of the future growth in these cities.

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