Garden City Mega-City

Mun Summ Wong
Founding Director
WOHA Architects, Singapore

This presentation proposed an alternative to the continuing implementation of unsustainable 20th century urban planning models. By using WOHA’s mini-city projects and proposals as prototypes – energy-efficient vertical landscapes with sky villages and sky parks – the presentation offered a compelling manifesto for densely settled, yet comprehensively green, and ultimately self-sufficient, cities of the future. The speaker responded to the alarming urban crisis that now threatens all large cities around the globe, and urged the universal reinstatement of a mutually beneficial coexistence between human beings and the natural environment. WOHA’s projects prioritize the re-creation of ecosystems, and have also reintegrated public space and civic culture within the increasingly unpleasant urban fabric of our overcrowded cities. WOHA’s scalable prototypes offer a radical model for megacity planning: not just for the newly massive cities of Asia, but for other such cities around the world.

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