Cross-Cultural Mixed-Use Developments: A New Force in “Urban Organic Renewal”

Herman Chui
General Manager
TaiKoo Hui (Guangzhou) Development Company Limited, Guangzhou

Swire Properties’ developments pay keen attention to forge connections with the community and accordingly create added value. When entering into new cities for property developments, with profound understanding and full respect to local cultures and geographies, Swire properties is well localized, and brings not only opportunities to the cities but also vitality to the corresponding communities.

Having been operating for almost five years, TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou (TKH) is regarded as a vigorous multi-faceted complex with global vision, original thinking, design and planning, as well as experienced leasing and property management. TKH has not only fed the shopping needs of local customers but also raised the bar in retail industry and service industry of Tianhe CBD, Guangzhou. Accordingly, brand variety in town is enriched; shopping experience is diversified with all-round dimensions, including shopping, dining, leisure and recreation, etc. Eventually, the local fashion market and local people’s lifestyles are enhanced.

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