The Hysan Portfolio

Sunny Chan
Director, Projects
Hysan Development Co. Ltd., Hong Kong

Hysan Development, being one of the largest commercial landlords in Causeway Bay, aspires to make their Lee Gardens precinct into a premier, vibrant, sustainable "Liveable Neighbourhood" in the central urban area of Hong Kong.

Hysan introduced the successful story and curation of Hysan Place, that is the northern gateway of Hysan's commercial portfolio in Lee Gardens completed in 2012. Hysan Place is the first mixed-use office and vertical mall complex in Greater China achieving the highest LEED Platinum Certification by USGBC and 2013 Global Awards for Excellence by ULI.

With a vision to improve pedestrians' convenience, reduce roadside pollution and increase place-making, Hysan will unveil their conceptual master-plan, that consists of footbridges, tunnels connecting underground carpark, enhancement of streetscape and creation of more event spaces. While on-going approval from the government is to be sought, the elements will bring huge benefits to the pedestrians, visitors, residents, and stakeholders.

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