Kowloon Railway Station and Development Master Planning and Neighborhood

Stefan Krummeck
Farrells, Hong Kong

The construction of Hong Kong’s new airport broke all records for scale, speed, and innovation. To link the artificial airport island to the city, a railway was built to whisk passengers to the urban core in only 23 minutes. The largest stop on the new line, Kowloon Station, introduced a host of innovative design features to help bring the airport back into the heart of Hong Kong, including in-town flight check-in and a special emphasis on convenient interchange to other modes of transport. Built on newly-reclaimed land, the station forms the centerpiece of a high-density, transit-oriented urban quarter comprising one of the world’s largest station air rights developments. Stefan Krummeck, Director of Farrells, introduced both the station and the surrounding master plan, which hosts some of the tallest skyscrapers in Hong Kong and set a global benchmark for super-intense transit-oriented development.

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