Sustainable (Vertical) Urbanism, Grounded - Three Case Studies

Jay L. Berman CTBUH Leader
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, New York City

Tall buildings in an urban context are not neutral: their presence is amplified by large populations; the consolidation of real estate; contrast with adjacent streets, open spaces, and buildings; and the simple fact of their significant visual presence. Moreover, their existence (with few exceptions) as private realms can initially conflict with aspirations to participate in a larger urbanism. This presentation examined three master plan case studies – two in Mumbai and one in Osaka – shaped by a conviction that a truly sustainable dense vertical urbanism requires our attention to be focused on the ground, even as our buildings reach for the sky. These three master planned case studies illustrate a range of strategies in which significant urban developments – comprised largely of tall buildings – form, transform, and reinforce unique urbanisms. In different contexts, each project focuses especially on typology, public place-making, and connectivity.

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