Rottweil: Rethinking Elevator Test Towers

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf
Head of Global High Rise Product Manager, Product Lifecycle Management
thyssenkrupp, Essen

thyssenkrupp sees innovative elevator solutions at the core of developing vertical and sustainable cities for the future, and to this end, is building its new elevator test tower in Rottweil, Germany, where it will test game-changing mobility technology such as MULTI, the rope-less elevator.

In his presentation, Schoellkopf elaborated on how the 246-meter tower is already a beacon of inspiration for future vertical transportation systems, and is set to become a part of a vast global innovation network. He also shared how thyssenkrupp partnered with city authorities to make Rottweil synonymous with urban mobility innovations, and use the tower as a major tourist attraction offering the highest viewing platform in Germany.

As thyssenkrupp redefines technology in the elevator industry, the tower will speed up the integration process in getting these game-changing solutions to market, helping to make cities better than ever before.

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