Density Our Strength: The Linear City in Practice

Stefan Krummeck
Farrells, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is unique as a linear city. More than 7 million people reside, mainly in high-rise buildings, in a series of highly dense coastal settlements. These are well served by a metro and other modes of public transport, contributing to a low car ownership rate. This synergy between density and the metro is essential to Hong Kong’s urban sustainability. The limited extent of this dense city helps preserve the natural landscape. In turn, easy access to exceptional country parks renders high density more liveable. But the city faces challenges as it continues to grow. Car ownership has risen at an alarming rate and congestion is worsening. Air pollution continues to plague the city, contributing to thousands of premature deaths per year. Ill-conceived expansion plans threaten to undermine the natural environment.

Transit-oriented development, high density, and limited urban extent together form a sustainable urban model. Let's build on our strengths.

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