KL118 Case Study: Analysis of Different Bore Pile Testing Methods

Peter Ramstedt
Vice President, Project Director
Turner Construction Company, Kuala Lumpur

In the construction of tall towers a variety of pile testing methodologies are used. Piles can be tested for many purposes including the optimization of pile design, operational verification, and quality assurance of completed piles or perhaps for design verification. The presentation provided an overview of the three types of bore pile tests conducted for the KL118 tower. Because of the various desired test results and specific site conditions, this project has used three types of bore pile testing methodologies: Statnamic, conducted on three of the 137 tower bore piles (each pile being 2.2 meters in diameter, 60 meters deep) and four of the 427 car park bore piles; Bi-directional Osterberg Cell (o-cell), conducted to verify design capacities and optimize the tower test bore piles and the car park bore piles; and Kentledge blocks, conducted once for design optimization of the car park piles.

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