Gavin Erasmus

Gavin Erasmus

Director, Farrells
“Tower Tops: More Than Meets the Sky”
Goman Wai-Ming Ho

Goman Wai-Ming Ho

Director, Arup
“Tops of Tall Buildings”
Steven Henry

Steven Henry

Associate Director, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
“Terminal Tales: Reflections on CTBUH Height Criteria and the Tops of Towers”
Note: The Shenzhen off-site programs were available to delegates who remained in Shenzhen on Wednesday 19 October. Those delegates who continued on to the Guangzhou segment of the Conference were not able to attend the Shenzhen off-site programs, as the Guangzhou program took place on the same day.

KK100 completed in 2011 as the tallest building in Shenzhen, and the 10th tallest building in the world. Embracing both office and hotel functions, not to mention a large adjoining shopping mall, the top of the tower is interesting, in the way it embraces a large open volume, into which functions are inserted. The main hotel lobby is located at this level, so guests ascend to the highest level, then descend back to their guest room level – a trend now not uncommon in China. This program thus focused on how to treat the tops of towers, from both an external perspective (how to towers “meet the sky”?) and an internal perspective (i.e., what program do they accommodate?). The program also included a full tour of KK100 – until Ping An Tower completes, the tallest building in Shenzhen.

Venue: KK100
Capacity: 40 Delegates

Program Organized by:

Wednesday 19 October, Schedule, Shenzhen

2:00 pm Arrival & Coffee
2:25 pm Welcome from Kingkey Real Estate Development
2:30 pm Presentation 1
2:50 pm Presentation 2
3:10 pm Presentation 3
3:30 pm Q&A
3:45 pm Coffee Break
4:15 pm Tour of KK100
5:30 pm Delegates depart

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About KK100

The KK100 development lies between the border of Shenzhen’s business and residential districts in a densely developed area. To facilitate more sustainable development for the fast-growing city, the mixed-use tower was designed to be a hub for transit, provide amenities to the area, and provide an occupant density that would help to reduce urban sprawl and reliance on transportation.

As part of a greater master plan, the site was arranged to include a podium with retail and connections to public transportation, with the tower placed at the southwest end of the site to draw on the views of the city and neighboring Lizhi Park. The site formerly held a residential quarter with poor living conditions. To mitigate the effects of the development on the former residents, a joint initiative… Read More

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