Feng Su

Feng Su

Director, Management and Coordination Office of Planning and Construction in Nanshan District
“Demands of High-Intensity Urban Development in the Regions with Rapid Growth and Land Resource Short”
Jizhou Liu

Jizhou Liu

Vice Present, Shenzhen Zhongzhou Investment Holdings
“Introduction and Highlights of SCC Tower”
Billy Lam

Billy Lam

VP & Design Director, Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd.
“Interior Design of SCC Tower and Zhengzhou Marriott Hotel (An Art Gallery Hotel)”
Note: The Shenzhen off-site programs were available to delegates who remained in Shenzhen on Wednesday 19 October. Those delegates who continued on to the Guangzhou segment of the Conference were not able to attend the Shenzhen off-site programs, as the Guangzhou program took place on the same day.

Complimentary Networking Reception Included

As one of the original four districts comprising the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Nanshan has undergone unprecedented urban development since its economic status was formalized in 1980, alongside its adjacent counterparts Luohu, Futian, and Yantian. With a focus on attracting global commercial activity and generating tourism, the need for both office and hotel space has emerged in equal parts, thus calling for the integration of these disparate functions in single developments. The Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center is one such development, with nearly 45 floors dedicated to office uses and a 15-floor hotel occupying the topmost levels. This program, and the placement of the hotel above the office levels, has become a popular strategy throughout China. As such, the tower has set itself apart through an acute focus on interior design and user experience, resulting in a forward-looking case study that builds upon this rising typology. Taking place in the Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center, the program consisted of a full tour of the tower, as well as presentations on its developments and interior fittings.

Venue: Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center
Capacity: 80 Delegates

Program Hosted & Organized by:


Wednesday 19 October, Schedule, Shenzhen

2:00 pm Arrival & Coffee
2:25 pm Welcome from Zhongzhou Holdings
2:30 pm Presentation 1
2:50 pm Presentation 2
3:10 pm Presentation 3
3:30 pm Q&A
3:45 pm Coffee Break
4:15 pm Tour of Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center
5:30 pm Networking Reception

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About This Program Location

Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center

About Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center

Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center is the first supertall building to be constructed in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District, what was at the time considered a suburban area in the southwestern part of the city. The Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center is part of a two building complex which towered over the local neighborhood during the construction phase of the project which saw the two buildings rise simultaneously.

While the shorter building was constructed of only reinforced concrete, the taller Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center has a composite structure in which both the perimeter columns and the core were initially framed in steel and then encased in concrete. The core and outrigger structural system is then reinforced with three sets of steel belt… Read More

For more data, news, research papers, videos and the companies involved in this project, visit The Skyscraper Center.

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