Friday, 21 October, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm
The Lawn at The Upper House

The Hong Kong Closing Networking Reception was scheduled to take place at the end of the Conference in the third and final city of the journey through the Pearl River Delta. Unfortunately, the timing of typhoon Haima coincided with Friday’s programming and the Council was forced to cancel all conference activities for the day; after all, the safety of delegates is of prime importance. For this reason, the much-anticipated closing reception did not occur. This reception, hosted and sponsored by Swire Properties, would have allowed delegates to network in the fantastic setting of The Lawn at The Upper House, located in the city’s center. The beautiful landscaped outdoor venue was a perfect spot to enjoy the evening as the sun set on the 2016 CTBUH International Conference. The Council regrets that this wonderful event could not take place, but is grateful for the participation and support of the sponsors, delegates, volunteers, and staff who worked up to the last minute to make it a success prior to the cancellation.

A secluded green space located on Level 6 of The Upper House, The Lawn is a pleasant surprise set amid Hong Kong’s stunning architecture.

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The Lawn will offer views of Hong Kong

The Upper House within Pacific Place

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The Upper House

About The Upper House

Constructed at the base of a hill sloping upward from Victoria Harbour, the Pacific Place Complex sits adjacent to Hong Kong Park, both of which were constructed on the site of the Victoria Barracks operated by the British Military. While the western portion of the barracks became public a green space interspersed with a collection of preserved low-rise structures from Hong Kong’s colonial era, the eastern portion gave way to the Pacific Place development. After the land was transferred from the Government of Hong Kong in the mid 1980’s, construction began quickly with Phase 1 opening in 1988.

The tower is perched on a hillside podium comprised of the three story Pacific Place shopping mall and a landscaped rooftop serving a courtyard between the towers of the complex as well as the… Read More

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